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Our experience with Dasan was terrific. We booked sessions for our 12 year old son, who has been playing soccer for some time now. Dasan was quick to assess his skill level and to design sessions that challenged and engaged him appropriately. As a parent, I appreciated Dasan’s clear ability to work well with children. He developed a nice rapport with our son, providing the opportunities for skill development that he was seeking, while also taking the time to engage with him personally. Finally, Dasan used the time we booked well. Each session included a series of focused drills, small games, and suggestions for how to continue working on technique development at home. The progression between sessions also seemed logical and carefully planned. While these are my opinions, possibly the most important comment is that our son was so thrilled with the time he spent with Dasan, that he has been negotiating for more chores around the house as a way to earn more lessons. It is hard to think of a higher complement from a 12 year old boy!

- Eric P

Coach Dasan is an outstanding coach. Just after one session my boys left him more confident and started practicing and doing drills on their own . The individual training that he provides is like no other. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to take there kids to the next level . He is truly a five-star coach!

- Rene J.

Dasan is an all-around great coach. He worked with my 14-year-old daughter to help her prepare for club soccer while we were in Chicago. She came back to club in LA with a significantly improved technical skill set and felt more confident playing with the team. My daughter got along great with Dasan, even though he was tough on her and pushed her to be a more disciplined player. Dasan was professional and always on time. I highly recommend him, both for his technical skills and his demeanor.

- Sarah

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